Senate Democrats pull back on Specter’s card-check prediction

The Hill
September 17, 2009


Specter, Unions Disagree on Path for Overhaul of Labor Laws

The Wall Street Journal
September 16, 2009

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What Is EFCA?

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is legislation being considered by Congress that would change the methods for establishing how a union becomes the representative of the employees in a workplace, and the process for determining the initial contract, or collective bargaining agreement, between the employer and the union.

If EFCA were enacted it would:

  • Eliminate a secret ballot election for union representation, if the union organizers are able to obtain signed cards from 50% plus one of the workers.
  • Replace negotiations and agreement between the employer and the union on workplace issues (collective bargaining) with binding arbitration imposed by a government appointed arbitrator whose decision can not be appealed by workers or employers, if no contract agreement is reached after 120 days of negotiation.
  • Add additional penalties on employers (but not unions), during the unionization and bargaining period.
  • Apply to small businesses —businesses with over $500,000 of annual revenue would be affected.
  • As under current law, permit unionization of individual departments within a business, rather than organizing an entire business unit, which makes it easier for unions to gain recognition.

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